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Bad News. - Nicholas

About Bad News.

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Time For An Update:

About A Month Ago It Was My 23rd Birthday. Thank You Everyone Who Said Happy Birthday.

Bad News:
I Won't Be Moving After All. Can't Afford It. Why? Girlfriend Is, Yes, Pregnant. No, I'm Not Shitting You. It Is Indeed Kristi. We Got Back Together 3 Months Ago And Guess Who Forgot To Take Their Morning After Pill. That's Right, Me. So I Guess I'm Going To Be A Dad After All. Don't Know What To Do About This Relationship. I Haven't Talked To Kristi For 3 Days Nor Seen Her. Haven't Been Home When She's Awake. I Haven't Been Able To Sleep. Told Her Mom. She Freaked. It's Weird. One Day, I Was A 23 Year Old Architect With A Girlfriend, Now I'm A 23 Year Old Father. I'm Not Even Married! I Told Mike And Kristina. I Told Them That Kristi Won't Get An Abortion. I Don't Want Her To Have One Either. I'm Willing To Support This Child.

Everyone Told Me That Eventually We'd End Up Together. I Never Believed Them. 3 Months Ago, We Just Gave It Another Chance. We've Been Heartbroken By Too Many Partners. I've Had 12 Partners Since Kristi. 12! Funny Though, I Only Slept With 10 Of Them. Kristen Was A Marriage Girl (I Should Have Stayed With Her) And Brittany And I Never Got Around To Sex. We Were Too Busy With Our Lives That We Never Even Saw Each Other Naked. She Was Beautiful Though. A Chain Smoker However. I Guess You Do End Up With The Person You've Loved The Longest. I've Loved Kristi Since 7th Grade. No Matter What Happened And No Matter How Much I Fucking Hated Her, I Loved Her As Much As I Have From The Beginning. Mike And Kristina Have Been Together Since Freshmen Year Of High School. They're Married With Two Kids. My Sister Is STILL Married To Kevin, But Stop Reproducing. They Stopped At 3. I'm Also Assuming That Sydney Will Marry Dan, Since She Never Stops Talking About Him. (Love You)

Good News:
I've Started Smoking Pot Again. Well, Just For The Past 3 Days. So Maybe It's Not A Good News, But It Has Helped With The Situation. I'm GOING TO BE A FATHER! I Will Be Responsible. Wow.

I'm Going To Lie In Bed With Kristi. Lata
I'm Feeling Fucking: confusedconfused
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Date:September 19th, 2004 06:03 am (UTC)
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Date:January 2nd, 2005 10:50 am (UTC)

(I think the sky just fell)
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