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Mar. 19th, 2006 @ 04:38 am
Want To Make Fun Of Me?

My OLD homepage

A Woman Named Lisa Mar. 14th, 2006 @ 02:52 am
Once Upon A Time I Knew This Girl Named Lisa. She Was 17, Same Age As Me At The Time. She Lived In Texas And Get Hooked Up. Somehow She Fell In Love With Me And Told Me The Truth. Her Name Was Actually Ashley And She Was 13.

I Wanted To Lick Her Pussy. Now I Wonder Why Did I Even Stay.

I Think I Should Get On Myspace. Everyone Else Is On It.

Mar. 14th, 2006 @ 02:28 am
Hey Everyone -

So You Are All Wondering Where The Fuck Have I Been. Prepare Yourselves For A Long Story.

1. Relationship. Kristi And I Are Completely Through. We've Eliminated Our Friendship Completely. I Called Her On Christmas To Wish Her Happy Holidays, But Other Than That She's Gone. I Found Someone New. Danielle. No One This Beautiful Has Ever Come Across Me. We Met In A Starbucks. She Dropped Her Credit Card And There Were No Other Tables, So We Sat Together And Talked. Our Relationship Started From There. I Asked Her To Move In With Me. We Started Dating In November. I Truly Believe There Is No One Else Out There Like Her. We Were Made For Each Other. My Life With Her Has Been Amazing And I've Never Met Anyone This Great. She's Blonde, Tall, Blue Eyes, Athletic. She's An Accountant. $$$$$$$ =) I'm Going To Ask Her To Marry Me...I Just Don't Know When.

2. Family. Speaking Of Marriage: Christopher Is Getting A Divorce. It Sucks For The Children. Kyle Stopped At 5 Kids, While Steph Is Trying To Know When To Stop. Michael Is Going To College, Likewise For Sammy. Brian...He's Grown So Much. I Can't Believe I Remember When He First Could Walk And Talk. Now He's 15. Boy Lost His Virginity To This Hottie. How Cute. As For Ty, He And I Have Grown Closer Than We Ever Have. You Learn A Lot From Your Twin...Who Has A Smoking Ass Hottie For A Wife. As For My Best Friends Michael and Kristina: They're Going Along Well...I Guess. They Don't Agree With What I Did To Kristi But I Don't Give A Fuck. She Was Going To Kill Me Slowly. I Miss Them Minus Kristi.

3. Career. Remember That Degree I Got In Architecture? I Finally Put It To Use. I'm Getting Paid A Lot Of Money And I've Saved Enough For Danielle And I To Lively Comfortably For Awhile. I'm Very Happy With My Job And My Life.

4. Smoking. I Quit For Life. That Shit Was Fucking Up My Life.

5. California? Never Going Back. I Never Want To See Irvine For The Rest Of My Life. I'm Through With The Shitty Life I Had Out There. Sorry.

6. Vienna. Sis, I Miss You And I'm Sorry I Was Never There For You. You And I Were Great Friends But People Tore Us Apart. I'm Sorry I Was Never Wanted You. Lol. You Always Told Me That Kristi Would Fuck Me Over. I Didn't Believe You Then, But I Wish I Had. She Was A Skanky Hoe.

7. Sydney. Cheesecake Giftcard? I'm Happy For You And Dan. Sorry We Never Fucked. That Girl I Picked Up From That Bar With The Pierced Nipples Gave Me Crabs................JK!

Everyone else: Be Happy For My Life. I Got It Straightened Out And For The Better.

P.S. I Had A Threesome With A Guy.

Sex Aug. 11th, 2005 @ 04:28 am
I Went Out Tonight Looking For Sex.

Ty Took Me To A Bar And I Sat Down And Had A Beer. This Girl Walks Up Me And We Start Talking. Cute, Funny...Fuck The Cute...She Was Hot. We Start Making Out While Dancing To Some Song...She Had A Tongue Piercing. It Was Pretty Hot. We Went Back To My Place And Fucked.

For 3 Hours, I Had One Of The Best Sex Session Ever.

She Lies Asleep In My Bed Right Now. She Gives The Best Head EVER!

I Think Her Name Is Michelle. Her Nipples Are Pierced Along With Her Clit. I Think...I'll Date Her...Maybe.

Jul. 2nd, 2005 @ 05:32 pm
Kristi Had A Miscarriage Awhile Ago. Apparently It Was Something To Do With Her Hormones. This Happened While I Was Florida Visiting Ty. I Don't Know What To Feel. I Guess Sad, But Good At The Same Time. I Can Finally Break Up With That Bitch And Move To Florida. I'm Allowed To Be Cold Hearted Because The Shit She Put Me Through These Past Months Have Caused Me To Think About Suicide More Than Three Times A Day. I Didn't Tell Her I Left To See Ty. I Figured She Would Just Survive. We Were Going To Be Married In August For My Birthday.

I Bought A Small, Two Bedroom House In Florida Down The Street From Ty For Kristi And I, But Luckily It Was Just In My Name. I'll Probably Move There In The Next Month Or So. Ty Is Going To Hook Me Up With This Architecture Company Down There Owned By His Best Friend.

Fuck Irvine, Fuck Kristi. Fuck All This Shit. I'm Outta Here.
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» Bad News.
Time For An Update:

About A Month Ago It Was My 23rd Birthday. Thank You Everyone Who Said Happy Birthday.

Bad News:
I Won't Be Moving After All. Can't Afford It. Why? Girlfriend Is, Yes, Pregnant. No, I'm Not Shitting You. It Is Indeed Kristi. We Got Back Together 3 Months Ago And Guess Who Forgot To Take Their Morning After Pill. That's Right, Me. So I Guess I'm Going To Be A Dad After All. Don't Know What To Do About This Relationship. I Haven't Talked To Kristi For 3 Days Nor Seen Her. Haven't Been Home When She's Awake. I Haven't Been Able To Sleep. Told Her Mom. She Freaked. It's Weird. One Day, I Was A 23 Year Old Architect With A Girlfriend, Now I'm A 23 Year Old Father. I'm Not Even Married! I Told Mike And Kristina. I Told Them That Kristi Won't Get An Abortion. I Don't Want Her To Have One Either. I'm Willing To Support This Child.

Everyone Told Me That Eventually We'd End Up Together. I Never Believed Them. 3 Months Ago, We Just Gave It Another Chance. We've Been Heartbroken By Too Many Partners. I've Had 12 Partners Since Kristi. 12! Funny Though, I Only Slept With 10 Of Them. Kristen Was A Marriage Girl (I Should Have Stayed With Her) And Brittany And I Never Got Around To Sex. We Were Too Busy With Our Lives That We Never Even Saw Each Other Naked. She Was Beautiful Though. A Chain Smoker However. I Guess You Do End Up With The Person You've Loved The Longest. I've Loved Kristi Since 7th Grade. No Matter What Happened And No Matter How Much I Fucking Hated Her, I Loved Her As Much As I Have From The Beginning. Mike And Kristina Have Been Together Since Freshmen Year Of High School. They're Married With Two Kids. My Sister Is STILL Married To Kevin, But Stop Reproducing. They Stopped At 3. I'm Also Assuming That Sydney Will Marry Dan, Since She Never Stops Talking About Him. (Love You)

Good News:
I've Started Smoking Pot Again. Well, Just For The Past 3 Days. So Maybe It's Not A Good News, But It Has Helped With The Situation. I'm GOING TO BE A FATHER! I Will Be Responsible. Wow.

I'm Going To Lie In Bed With Kristi. Lata
» (No Subject)
It's Been Forever Since I've Updated.

Still Living In Irvine With Kristi. I've Been Single Since December. Kristin [The Marriage Then Sex One] And I Decided To Give It Another Try, But It Failed. A Man Just Really Needs His Sex. Kristi Is Doing Well. She's Still Studying To Be A Nurse. I've Always Asked If We Could Play Doctor. Never Goes Well.

Mike and Kristina Had Another Baby. Katie. She's Beautiful.

I Have A Professional Job Now. Saving Money To Buy A House Somewhere Else.

I Got A Dick Piercing. P.A. Got It On A Whim And Glad I Did. It's Beautiful. Pictures Will Not Been Given Out.

<3 Sydney <3
» (No Subject)
Katrina Refused To Marry Me And Left Me =*(

Sydney Is Sexy

Kristen And I Have Been Talking About "Us" And How Our Lives Have Been. I Miss Her Sometimes
» (No Subject)

Vie, I Hate You.

Sydney, I Hate You For Making That Away Message.

I Hate Being Calling Minky
» (No Subject)

I'll Never Be Pleased With Who/What I Have. A Random Chick Who Gave Me Her Phone Number Yesterday Bought Me Lunch. That's A Really Nice Thing To Do And Maybe I Should At Least Call Her Or Something. I'm Not Sure.

Kristen Bought Me Ice Cream Today To Make Me Smile, But I'm Still Not Smiling. We Had ..."Happiness" Together Earlier Today And I Thought That Would Make Me Feel Better, But It Hasn't. I Feel So Empty Inside.

Jenn Eventually Came Home And Talked To Me For A Bit Before She Had To Go Again. I'm Going To Honestly State Out My Feelings For Her. I Love Her A Lot Because She's Everything A Perfect Girlfriend Should Be. She's Beautiful, Lovable And Quite Talented. She's Always There For Me And Made Everything In My Life Appear Better Than It Really Is. She's The Forbidden Fruit In My Life. She Is The Only Person I Can Never Have And It Makes Me More And More Depressed. I've Searched High And Low For A Woman Like Her And I Have Yet Found One. I Found One That's Quite Close, But She And I Haven't Met Yet.

Speaking Of Sydney, I've Been Sort Of Rejected By Her. I Had Too Much Of High Hopes For This Woman, But The Chase For Her Love Is Followed By Other Guys. I Definitely Have No Chance In This Race. I'm The Dumbass Rabbit While Everyone Is The Turtle.
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